News & Event Results

‘The Boss” Robert A. Tucker and Nate Steele started off the show coming to the ring.  Nate was carrying Simon Sezz’s Flyweight Championship that The Elite had taken from him 2 weeks prior.

Tucker talked about how they decimated Simon Sezz in the middle of the ring, all over the arena, and took a title from him that he didn’t deserve.  He mentioned that he had someone in mind that did deserve the title.  That’s when he asked the person to step forward and come out to the ring.  That person was none other than “The Misfit” Billy Mattern.

Tucker informed Billy that he’s had his eyes set on him for quite some time and that the championship can be his if he puts on the pair of sunglasses and Elite t-shirt that Nate Steele also carried with him to the ring.  Billy didn’t hesitate while throwing on the sunglasses and t-shirt.  Tucker introduced the “New” KDW Flyweight Champion, ‘The Misfit” Billy Mattern.  After the introduction, Tucker said he wanted to give Billy his first title defense tonight and called his opponent out to the ring.  It was Andrew Hunter.

1. “Misfit” Billy Mattern def. Andrew Hunter to retain the KDW Flyweight Championship

Billy won with the assistance from Robert A. Tucker.  Tucker used his Elite oar to knock Hunter off the top rope and allow Billy to get the pinfall victory.  Simon Sezz and Vito Andretti came out to chase Tucker, Steele, and Mattern to the back.

2. Spider Murphy def. Van Martigan via a roll-up

Martigan dominated most of the match, but Murphy pulled out the roll-up pinfall out of nowhere to score the victory.

3. The Mississippi Moondogs w/ Tim the Baker def. Richard D & Jacob Black via pinfall

The Moondogs toyed with Richard D the entire match and kept him from tagging in his partner Jacob Black.  The Mississippi Moondogs hit a double-suplex for the pin.

4. Jebediah Blackhawk def The Texas Outlaw via pinfall

Blackhawk hit his chokeslam in a tightly fought contest to score the pinfall victory.  Texas Outlaw then proceeded to call him a “Yellow coward” after the match.

5. Simon Sezz def. Zander by pinfall in a Hardcore Street Fight

Simon Sezz was determined to make a statement today and he did just that.  While Zander did get some damage in on Simon, and even lacerated his head, Simon ended up with the pinfall victory via a Frog Splash from the top rope.

6. The Elite (w/ Robert A. Tucker and The Amazing Maria) def. Fat N Furious (Jack Black and Vito Andretti) via pinfall to retain the KDW Tag Team Championship

With the ref distracted by The Amazing Maria, Robert A. Tucker was able to get a swing with his Elite oar in on Jack Black that allowed for Nate Steele to pin Black for the pinfall victory in a hard fought contest.  Although, The Elite were definitely prone to cheat this entire match, The FNF stayed strong and were close to picking up the pinfall, if it hadn’t been for “The Boss” Robert A. Tucker.

1. The MexiCanadian Leaf Cutter def. Van Martigan with a Mexican Flying Squirrel Press in 6.35 minutes. This Match had a 10 minute time limit.
2. The Mississippi Moondogs w/ Tim the Baker def. Richard D. & Brody Steele. The Moondogs took care of them in rather quick fashion with a very strong and horrific beatdown.  The match lasted 11.32 minutes with a 15 minute time limit.
3. Spyder Murphy w/ Juicy TuTu def. “Big” Mark Adams in 10.25 minutes with a 15
minute time limit.
4. KDW Flyweight Champion Simon Sezz & Andrew Hunter def. The Texas Outlaw and Jacob Black in a 30 min time limit “Falls Count Anywhere” match. Simon pinned Jacob Black at the 12.25 min mark for the win.
5. KDW Tag Team Champions “The Elite” (Nate Steele & Sexy Stan Sierra) w/The Amazing Maria def.  The Party O’ Bros.  This match was set with a 30 min time limit. While the P.O.B.’s seemed to be in control very early on, they hit a double team move on Stan Sierra when current KDW Unified Heavyweight Champion Brandon Able came to ringside pulling referee Jerry Laguana out from behind and leaving him unconscious on the floor. Brandon then did the same to Bradzilla while Nate Steele laid Stan Sierra’s hand over Justin Storm for the pin when referee Paul Wood came out to count the pinfall victory at the 4.35 min mark.

The entire Elite started to beat on the P.O.B.’s after getting their hands raised when Apollo “Showtime” Garvin hit the ring with a Kendo stick. When Apollo asked where the Wiesel “The Boss” Robert A. Tucker was Brandon Able said he was handling “ELITE” Business in Atlanta, GA. Apollo then stated with “The Boss” not there to interfere, it would be the perfect time to teach the entire Elite (including That Bimbo Maria) a lesson in which they have been long over due. He asked the fans if they wanted to see that and the arena erupted in cheer and excitement. So Apollo requested from KDW owner Danny Walker to change his Title match to next week, Sunday August 9th and in place today have a special Handicap match Main Event including all of the Elite. Owner Danny Walker agreed with excitement and set a special 60 min time limit main event. The Elite argued and complained that this wouldn’t be fair and they weren’t prepared for such action. Danny Walker said then you have 5 mins and 5 mins only to get prepared and called for a 5 min intermission before the main event!

6. Apollo & The Party O’ Bros def. The Elite (Brandon Able, Nate Steele, Stan Sierra, w/ Maria ).  Apollo led the charge from the beginning although it seemed Heavyweight Champion Brandon Able did everything in his power to avoid contact with Apollo. After many tags and action back and forth with referees Paul Wood and James Hinecker, Apollo got the victory pin at the 12.48 min mark.

  • Zander def. Billy Mattern in a very close pinfall.
  • The New Age Moondogs w/Tim the Baker def. Richard D and The MexiCanadian – Tim the Baker fired Richard D prior to the match which setup the tag team match.
  • Apollo “Showtime” Garvin def. Jack Black – Apollo continues his KDW undefeated streak in his path toward the KDW Heavyweight Championship.
  • Simon Sezz def. Kurtis Kwik to retain the KDW Flyweight Championship – After the match, The Elite came out to attack Simon Sezz.  Robert A. Tucker took the mic and said that the title didn’t belong to a chump like Simon Sezz, and said they were taking the title and giving it to Lennox Norris for his return next week.
  • The Elite def. The Party O’ Bros to regain the KDW Tag Team Championship – After attacking Simon Sezz, Nate Steele and Stan Sierra stayed out in the arena and hid from the Party O’ Bros.  Once the Party O. Bros made their entrance, they were attacked from behind and beat with weapons before the bell had even rung to start the match.  Bradzilla was thrown in the ring and the referee signaled for the bell to start the match.  Because of the attack, it rendered both members of the Party O’ Bros unconcious, thus giving The Elite the pinfall victory.
  • “Big Ticket” Brandon Able def. Jebediah Blackhawk for the new KDW Unified Heavyweight Championship – Robert A. Tucker took to the microphone almost immediately and discussed how this match-up came into play.  He informed the crowd, that due to his intellect and “genius” as he calls it, he found in the Indiana Athletic Commission By-Laws that there is no rule stating that 2 champions can’t face off against each other.  However, when they are two heavyweight championships, they must be unified.  After introducing Brandon Able like he always does, the match started.  However, after many interference attempts, and a final attempt at hitting Jebediah Blackhawk in the ring, referee James Hinecker threw Robert A. Tucker out of the match.  With the crowd celebrating, Tucker threw a tantrum as he was escorted from ringside by Senior Referee Jerry Laguana.Ables eventually went on to win the match after multiple chokeslams to Blackhawk.  The Elite came out to celebrate afterward, which saw Stan Sierra and Robert A. Tucker take out referee James Hinecker for throwing Robert A. Tucker out of the match.  The Elite now holds the KDW Tag Team Championships, KDW Heavyweight Championship, and is in possession of the KDW Flyweight championship.Be sure to come to the Memphis Arena this next Sunday, August 2, 2015 to see more KDW action!  Will Simon Sezz and The Party O’ Bros get revenge on The Elite?  You’ll need to be there to find out!  See you at ringside!

The first KDW Wrestling Live event took place at the Memphis, IN Arena inside the Memphis Flea & Antique Market on 7/12/2015.

  • Zander def. Cody Matthews
  • Andrew Hunter def. Matt Attreya and Van Martigan in a 3-way Flyweight match-up.
  • Kousin Krazy def. Roger Blade with interference of Tim the Baker’s rolling pin.
  • Apollo “Showtime” Garvin def. Yukon Mike
  • Robert A. Tucker and “Big Ticket” Brandon Able came out and demanded that the match they are in tonight be dropped and replaced with a KDW Heavyweight Championship match.  Tucker said instead of facing Jebediah Blackhawk, they are stuck defending their title against “an Old Dinosaur” in Jack Black.  KDW Owner Danny Walker informed them that the match wasn’t going to happen tonight because champion Jebediah Blackhawk was given the week off.  In the future, Walker warned, that the only way Able would get a KDW Heavyweight Championship shot was to drop the KDW Bluegrass/Hoosier Championship as both titles cannot be held at the same time per KDW rules and regulations.  Tucker and Able were irate over the issue
  • “Big Ticket” Brandon Able def. Jack Black when Robert A. Tucker threw Jack off the top rope when Jack was attempting his big splash for the victory.
  • KDW Flyweight Champion Simon Sezz def. “Misfit” Billy Mattern via a roll-up and holding the tights to secure the pinfall.  Both men fought one hell of a match.
  • The Party O’ Bros def. The Elite (Stan Sierra and Nate Steele) for the KDW Tag Team Championships.  Despite The Elite dominating most of the match, Justin Storm got the pinfall by placing his arm over Nate Steele after both were knocked out during a maneuver.  After the match, Brandon Able came to the ring and started beating on The Party O’ Bros along with Stan Sierra, Nate Steele, and manager Robert A. Tucker.  It took all of the referees and many of the wrestlers in the back to prevent further damage from being done.  After The Elite had taken out every single referee, The Party O’ Bros, and many of the wrestlers in the locker room via weapons and the KDW Tag Team Titles, Roger Blade and The Fat N Furious came out for the save.

Richard D and Tim the Baker came out for their match that was supposed to take place, but they were interrupted by Robert A. Tucker and “The Big Ticket” Brandon Able.  R.A.T. informed Richard D and Tim that their match wouldn’t take place, and if they didn’t leave the ring immediately, it would be the end of them.  R.A.T. told them that they had something they needed to address and for them to get out of the ring, and because they weren’t complying, he was going to start counting down to their beating.  The count got to 2 before KDW referees decided they didn’t want to see something bad happen and helped remove Richard D and Tim the Baker from the ring.

Robert A. Tucker addressed the KDW crowd about the status of the KDW Heavyweight Championship.  “What is the status of the KDW Heavyweight Championship?  Where is the champion Larry D?  It’s been 41 days and he has yet to defend the title.  The contract for any KDW Heavyweight Champion states they have to defend the title at least once every 30 days.  So we are going to address the KDW officials in the back and ask…no DEMAND…that Brandon Able get his deserved KDW Heavyweight Championship shot.”  Upon leaving the ring and heading to the locker room, R.A.T. and The Big Ticket were interrupted by the KDW referee crew to inform them that they were right, but would get an answer later in the evening on how the KDW Heavyweight Championship would play out.  R.A.T. was a little angry that they couldn’t be given an answer on the spot, but obliged the answer for later in the show.

1. Kurtis Kwik def. Jacob Black in the first round of the KDW Flyweight Championship tourney.

2. Roger Blade def. Kuzzin Krazy with a hip toss despite numerous cheating attempts by Tim the Baker and Richard D at ringside.

3. Simon Sezz def. Andrew Hunter in the first round of the KDW Flyweight Championship tourney.

4. Jack Black def. Richard D. via a big splash from the top rope despite numerous cheating attempts by Kuzzin Krazy and Tim the Baker at ringside.  Roger Blade made the save to allow Jack to get in the splash.


After intermission, the referee crew deliberated and called Robert A. Tucker and Brandon Able to the ring for their ruling on the KDW Heavyweight Championship.  It was confirmed that the current champion Larry D had indeed not defended the championship in 41 days which is well past the 30 day time frame that he needed to defend it within.  Because of that, Larry D was being stripped of the title and tonight would be the first annual Kenny Walker Memorial Battle Royal and the winner receives the KDW Heavyweight Championship.  R.A.T. said that wasn’t exactly what they wanted, but it would have to do.  Regardless, R.A.T. was not worried because “The Big Ticket” is the biggest, baddest, man in professional wrestling and no one in the back stands a chance at getting him over the top rope.  However, Brandon wanted a one-on-one championship match.  The KDW officials said that he could have his third and final championship match against Jebediah Blackhawk for the KDW Bluegrass/Hoosier Championship.  The two smiled at each other and guaranteed to the crowd they would be victorious tonight and walking out with a title.

5. Apollo def. “Ironman” Cody Matthews via pinfall.

6. Simon Sezz def. Kurtis Kwik to become the first ever KDW Flyweight Champion.

7. “The Big Ticket” Brandon Able def. Jebediah Blackhawk for the KDW Bluegrass/Hoosier Championship.  The referee was knocked out in the corner from Brandon Able falling into him.  Jebediah Blackhawk hit his cross-armed choke slam on Brandon Able, but the referee was incapable of making the call.  Taking advantage of the situation, Robert A. Tucker smacked Blackhawk in the back with his Elite wooden oar, pulled Brandon Able on top of him, and revived the ref for the three count.  R.A.T. and “The Big Ticket” celebrated afterward to a smattering of boos from the crowd.

After being helped from the ring and heading to the back, the referees informed Jebediah Blackhawk that since he lost the KDW Bluegrass/Hoosier Championship, he was now eligible to be in the Battle Royal for the KDW Heavyweight Championship.  The crowd erupted on this announcement, and Jebediah had a sudden burst of energy and electricity running through him as he entered the ring getting ready for the Battle Royal.

8. Jebediah Blackhawk won the Kenny Walker Memorial Battle and the KDW Heavyweight Championship.  Being the underdog due to his exhaustion and defeat the prior match, Jebediah Blackhawk outlasted every other KDW wrestler to obtain the KDW Heavyweight Championship.  He eliminated Simon Sezz and Jacob Black for the victory.

  1. Robert A. Tucker def. Richard D w/ Tim the Baker via a schoolboy while holding the ropes.
  2. Texas Outlaw def. Big Country in a big man vs big man match-up.
  3. Matt Atreya def. Andrew Hunter in a best of 3-falls match.  The winner of each fall named the next type of fall/match.
  4. Lennox Norris w/ Robert A. Tucker def. Vito Andretti in his debut match.  Robert A. Tucker came out and introduced the newest member of The Elite to be Lennox Norris and said he wanted a match against any challenger.  Vito Andretti stepped up to the challenge.  Robert A. Tucker nailed Vito in the back with his Elite wooden oar which allowed Lennox to get the pinfall victory.
  1. Johnny Long def. KC Sabre
  2. Brandon Able def. Ricky Chevy in a special challenge match.  Now Chevy has to work for The Elite for a year.
  3. The Party O Boys def. Richard D. And Spoiler #2
  4. Jebediah Blackhawk def. Texas Outlaw
  5. Apollo def. Brandon Able in another Able challenge for #1 contender for Larry D’s title.  Able tried to get a chair from Chevy but it backfired when Chevy let go of the chair that hit Able in the stomach and Apollo DDT’d Able.
  6. Vito def. Stan Sierra in a Portland Street Fight. Vito put a trash can over Stan’s head and blasted him with a barbed wire bat.

KDW Presents “Old School Chaos” from the new Memphis Indiana Arena at the Memphis Flea Market in Memphis, IN – May 31, 2015

  1. Johnny Long defeated Michael Solomon
  2. Kurtis Kwik defeated Spider Murphy
  3. “Magic One” David Christopher defeated The Masked North Korean Bear w/ Tim the Baker
  4. Kris Kanton and The Texas Outlaw defeated The Party O Boys
  5. Simon Sezz defeated Billy Mattern (via a foreign object)
  6. Apollo defeated Chris Chaos
  7. The Elite (Nate Steele & Stan Sierra w/Robert A Tucker) defeated The Fat ‘N Furious (Vito Andretti & Jack Black) to retain the KDW Tag Team Championship via interference from Robert A. Tucker and The Elite’s new valet.  R.A.T. distracted the ref, while Jack Black was pepper sprayed resulting in Stan Sierra getting the pinfall.  The Elite then handcuffed Vito Andretti to the ring post and proceeded to beat down Jack Black.  Because of these attacks, Jack had suffered serious injuries and his return has yet to be determined.  Vito Andretti informed the crowd that he would avenge his fallen brother Jack and take out every last member of The Elite if he had to.
  8. Jebediah Blackhawk defeated “Big Ticket” Brandon Able to retain the KDW Bluegrass/Hoosier Championship after a failed attempt of interference by Able’s manager Robert A. Tucker.  The Big Ticket told the KDW crowd that he was far from being done with Jebediah Blackhawk and guaranteed he would show why he’s the biggest and baddest man in KDW.
  1. David Christopher won a Battle Royal when he eliminated Nate Steele.
  2. Nelson Bradshaw defeated Big Country in a chop-off.
  3. Kaige Kuttler defeated Michael Solomon.
  4. David Christopher defeated J.Evans
  5. Jesse Morris defeated Kurtis Kwik
  6. Ricky Chevy defeated Spider Murphy
  7. Apollo defeated Texas Outlaw
  8. The Fat and the Furious and Jebediah Blackhawk defeated The Elite (Nate Steele, Stan Sierra, and Brandon Able) w/ Robert A. Tucker when Jebediah Blackhawk caught Nate Steele with a chokeslam.

Billy Mattern beat Johnny Long

The Elite (Nate Steele and Stan Sierra) beat the Party O Boys with help from Robert A. Tucker to win the tag titles.

Kurtis Kwik beat Jesse “JMo” Morris

Ricky Chevy and Spider Murphy battled a no decision in a Street Fight.

David Christopher beat Kuzzin Krazy despite help from Tim the Baker.

Apollo beat Big Country and Kris Kanton.

“Big Ticket” Brandon Able beat Jebidiah Blackhawk via disqualification. Robert A. Tucker distracted the ref and pulled a scheme to make Jeb look like he used his “Elite” oar to hit Brandon Able. Jeb however retained his K.D.W. Bluegrass/Hoosier title

The Fat and the Furious Jack Black and Vito Andretti beat K.D.W. Heavyweight Champion Legendary Larry D. and John Noble.
After the match the Elite, (Nate Steele, Stan Sierra, Brandon Ables and R.A.T. ) jumped the FnF and Jedidiah Blackhawk made the Save. Setting up a Non Title tag match at the next K.D.W. show on May 17th